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Nov 4, 2012 8:00am EST
go i'd like to wish the united states marine corps a very happy >>> rain drain politics. why the u.s. is willing to tick out "-- kick out biosign tipses after years of education. i'm -- bioscientists after years of education. i'm steve usdin. welcome to "biocentury this week." >>> from alexander hamilton to alexander graham bell, american innovation has been fueled by immigrants. icons of modern american innovation, companies like google. intel and e-bay were founded by men and women who were born outside the u.s. some of the most successful life sciences companies, pfizer, merck were founded by immigrants. and america continues to lead the world in biotechnology driven by scientists and executives from around the world. now this pipeline of innovators is being choked by immigration policies that force many foreign born graduates of u.s. universities to leave after completing years of
Nov 18, 2012 8:00am EST
today because u.s. systems are the best in the world in terms of capability and supportability. but that lead may be in jeopardy as u.s. systems become increasingly expensive and packed with such cutting edge technology that even washington's friends have trouble getting them without modification. the joint strike fighter and rising costs are worrying partner nations and potential new customers alike. u.s. systems are popular because they gave better capability for the price than competitors but more weapons are problem gnattic in an era of fiscal austerity and growing competition. to its credit the obama administration made exports a priority and said it wants future systems designed from the start to succeed on export markets. that's great news as america's defense exports help allies, friends and partners better defend themselves, forge security relationships that span decades and lowest costs for the pentagon while keeping factories humming and americans employed. but without change especially better cost control, america will outadvance and outprice itself from internation
Nov 11, 2012 8:00am EST
devastating consequences for the economy, that underwrite u.s. national security. thanks for joining us. i'm vago muradian, you can watch this program online at or e-mail me, and a reminder to thank the men and women who are or have served the nation in uniform for their hard work and sacrifice. i'll be back next week at the same time, until then, have a great week. >>> after a fierce race to the finish as anything changed? as the president and congress stare over the fiscal cliff, what do the collections marine for -- elections mean for biotech researchers and patients? i'm steve usdin, welcome to "biocentury this week". >>> elections are over but politics isn't. congress returns this week and the fiscal cliff clock is ticking. failure to act by the end of december could trigger deep spending cuts including $2.6 billion from nih. president obama's re-election means the affordable care act will go effect but implementation especially pressure to cut the deficit will be challenging. president obama had this to say about the hurdles and priorities in his
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3